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4 October 2018

Ranae Stokes, Sales Manager Coronary and Structural Heart NSW and NZ, Medtronic

Attended Elevate Leadership Program session one Hong Kong with one day mission in motion event at Ronald MacDonald house


Tenure with Medtronic: 8 years

What motivates you to work in the ANZ medtech industry?

I have always had a passion to make a difference in health care outcomes and innovative solutions for patient care.

Why did you attend the Event?

It was incorporated into the leadership development program.

What were the most memorable moments from the Event?

We arrived the first day after the Super Typhoon had hit Hong Kong and we didn’t know what to expect in terms of the devastation. However, the most memorable moment for me was realising that we were helping clean/cook and fix the debris in the gardens for very ill children and their families. It was not for aesthetic appeal, but to keep the immunosuppressed children safe from further illness or injury that could be life threatening for them.

By this time next year, what matter relating to healthcare would you like to see solved and/or part of public conversation?

Stroke prevention and access to technologies that can help prevent stroke.


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