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4 October 2018

Phil Bird, Senior Manager, Professional Training & Development, MITG, Medtronic ANZ

Attended Elevate Leadership Program session one Hong Kong with one day mission in motion event at Ronald MacDonald house.


Tenure with Medtronic: 8 years

What motivates you to work in the ANZ medtech industry?

I having worked across different sectors in predominantly Sales related roles, it was the rate of innovation and how that innovation positively impacts patients that attracted me to the medtech industry.

Why did you attend the Event?

It was an incremental part of the Elevate Leadership program to support a philanthropic event.

What were the most memorable moments from the Event?

Like most of these types of events the people you meet and new connections you make across our organisation are the memorable moments but having the opportunity to help the team at Ronald MacDonald House provide a safe environment for their patients following the Typhoon is something I will not forget.

By this time next year, what matter relating to healthcare would you like to see solved and/or part of public conversation?

The challenge of providing affordable access to Cancer treatment needs to continue to be part of the conversation as the challenge increases with the rising cost of care and the increasing unavailability of treatments in public systems.


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