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12 September 2018

Hayden Young, Medtronic ANZ Diabetes Project Coordinator

Attending Blackmores Bridge Run| Insulin for Life Team on 16 September


Tenure with Medtronic: 2.5 years

What motivates you to work in the ANZ medtech industry?

I think my story is similar to many working in the medtech industry. We have seen someone we love impacted by lifesaving medical devices and wanted to be a part of making a difference in other people’s lives.

Why are you attending the Running Event?

Insulin for Life is a charity that I am passionate about. Here in Australia, we are so lucky to have much of our healthcare provided under some form of cover or rebate. Unfortunately, those living in some other countries are not so fortunate. Insulin for Life takes unused insulin and other diabetes supplies, and ships them to developing countries. They are then distributed, free of charge to those who require them. Through Insulin for Life, these supplies that would have once gone to waste are instead used to save thousands of lives. I think that’s a cause to get behind!

Just $250 is enough to ship three months of insulin to a hospital that desperately needs it.

What are you looking forward to most in the Running Event?

Getting together with a group of people who are working toward the same goal. It’s good to be able to help raise funds for a charity, but great to do it with others.

By this time next year, what matter relating to healthcare would you like to see solved and/or part of public conversation?

There is an urgent and growing need to promote the issues surrounding diabetes, a now out of control pandemic. This involves an increased understanding and a discussion on the economic, and societal seriousness of diabetes and its complications, and of the escalating costs to individuals, families, workplaces, society and governments. Improvements can be made by introducing sustainable, nationally consistent programs to prevent, detect and manage diabetes in Australia. As of now, there have been many plans and strategies designed but not properly implemented or evaluated.

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