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Kids in the House: Research holds the key

5 September 2018

As part of our commitment to support the local community in improving diabetes management, we were very proud to be Major Sponsors of this year’s Kids in the House, an event hosted by JDRF, the leading global organisation funding Type 1 diabetes research.

On Thursday 23 August, over 100 young advocates from across the Nation living with Type 1 diabetes visited Canberra to meet with their MP. They shared their story of life with Type 1 diabetes, explained why research holds the key, and made a personal plea for continued Government funding for type 1 diabetes clinical research.

Diabetes occurs when the body stops producing insulin altogether, because the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed or don’t work. This usually happens when the body’s own immune system attacks and destroys the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. People with Type 1 diabetes must take daily insulin injections, or use an insulin pump to survive. Type 1 diabetes is usually first diagnosed in children and young adults, although it may be diagnosed into adulthood.


Emma (16) shows Senator Deb O’Neill from NSW how insulin pump therapy is improving management of her diabetes.


A key message from JDRF is that without continued funding,  Australians with Type 1 diabetes will miss out on first-class treatments and therapies; and, leading researchers may need to go overseas to continue their research. Therefore, as part of the advocacy program, they are asking both sides of politics to support $50M over the next five years to continue the work of the JDRF’s Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research Network (CRN).


Medtronic Diabetes team also accompanied Kids in the House in Canberra on 23 August 2018.


JDRF believes that $50M over five years will see more research, more trials, more translation, and then more progress, into type 1 diabetes.

The CRN funds trials of new diabetes technologies including the recently approved MiniMed 670G insulin pump. These trials are run by some of the most talented Endocrinologists and researchers we have in Australia and are critical for us to build belief in the path to the Closed Loop.

We are very proud to be a supporter of many community, patient support and medical research organisations like JDRF and will continue to promote patient choice and access to the latest advances in diabetes management technology.

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