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24 August 2018

Diane Collington, Medtronic Australasia | Market Development Specialist

Attending Parkinson’s NSW Walk in the Park 2018


Tenure with Medtronic: 12 months

What motivates you to work in the ANZ medtech industry? Through Medtronic we have the ability to impact a patient’s quality of life significantly, through education and  innovative technology. That technology not only benefits the patient outcomes but  assists in the cost effectiveness of  healthcare in ANZ.  

Why are you attending the Event? This event is run around Australia and on the 26th August 2018 is being held concurrently in NSW and Victoria this year.  Parkinson’s impacts the lives and families of over 80,000 people in Australia,  with the majority of these in NSW and Victoria. We work closely with the Parkinson’s associations around ANZ, through local patient events and clinician meetings on treatment options available to patients. Personally I have family and friends who have Parkinson’s Disease and this is my way of showing support for them in a fun way.

What are you looking forward to most in the Event? I am pleased the DBS team in RTG is to be joined by the Finance team from Sydney as a special team activity  and we would like to thank them for giving up a Sunday morning by exercising and supporting an excellent cause. I hope they have fun,  get to enjoy the lovely park at St Peters and meet some interesting people on their walk whether it’s the 2km or 4km length.

By this time next year, what matter relating to healthcare would you like to see solved and/or part of public conversation? I would like to see improved access for patients around Australia within the public sector in both surgery and post-operative care. This will assist the 46% of Australian’s who do not hold private health insurance and have to go onto a wait list or forgo the choice of treatments available to others. I would also like to see greater education of therapy options and optimal timing  for General Practitioners who are often the first line of contact for patients.   



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