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STROKE: TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Our commitment won’t end this week…

8 September 2017

Medtronic are proud supporters of National Stroke Week 2017 (4 – 10 September).

This week we have been sharing information about the stroke care continuum – and sharing stories from patients who have benefited from Medtronic technologies. But what happens when stroke care is not as good as it could be?

Know the facts:[1]

  • There will be 56,000 new and recurrent strokes in 2017.
  • Stroke kills 12,500 people year – stroke kills more women than breast cancer and kills more men than prostate cancer.
  • 475,000 Australian are living with effects of stroke in 2017.

These aren’t just numbers. They are lives – someone’s Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, relative or friend. It serves as a reminder of ‘why’ we need to continue our efforts to evolve stroke care and improve access to patients who could benefit from medical technology.

Implementation of the newly updated stroke clinical guidelines represents an opportunity to meet the challenge of stroke. The Stroke Foundation has called upon the Australian Government to invest in clinical tools that will empower health professionals to drive better treatment and care. The new Stroke Guidelines went LIVE on the 4 September. Learn more here.

[1] National Stroke Foundation – No postcode untouched –Stroke in Australia 2017.

Stroke Foundation (Accessed 9th August 2017.

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