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STROKE: TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Stroke Week 2017 – Rehabilitation

7 September 2017

At Medtronic, we are proud supporters of National Stroke Week 2017 (4 – 10 September). This week we will be sharing more information about the stroke care continuum. We will also hear what happens when stroke care is not as good as it could be – highlighting the importance of improving access to patients who need medical technology.

Spasticity can be a disabling consequence of stroke: review of several studies reported 17% to 42.6% of post-stroke patients experiencing spasticity.[1] Oral medications can be used to reduce muscle spasticity, but many post-stroke patients are unable to tolerate the side effects of these medications.3

Stroke Week_Fact 4

Medical technology is evolving rehabilitation:

  • Intrathecal baclofen (ITB) has emerged as a treatment option for post-stroke spasticity. This therapy uses an implantable infusion system to deliver baclofen – a muscle relaxant – directly to the spinal canal. This approach thereby avoids intolerable side effects of oral medications.

The power of data collection. Rehabilitation needs identified in the National Stroke Audit Rehabilitation Services 2016[2] have translated into recommendations in the new in the new Stroke Guidelines[3] – launched on Monday 4 September. A key focus area is the need for health professionals to strongly partner with stroke survivors and their families and carers.

[1] Dvorak et al. The Underutilization of Intrathecal Baclofen in Poststroke Spasticity. Topics in stroke rehabilitation 2011 vol:18 iss:3 pg:195 -202.

[2] Stroke Foundation: National Stroke Audit 2016.

[3] Stroke Foundation. Managing complications – DRAFT Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management (2017). v1.0 published on 24.10.2016.

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