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6 September 2017

At Medtronic, we are proud supporters of National Stroke Week 2017 (4 – 10 September). This week we will be sharing more information about the stroke care continuum. We will also hear what happens when stroke care is not as good as it could be – highlighting the importance of improving access to patients who need medical technology.

Stroke Week_Fact 3


TIME IS BRAIN: For individuals who have acute ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot, the key to effective treatment is early restoration of blood flow to the affected area of the brain. This can be facilitated with certain medication, or by using medical technology such as mechanical thrombectomy [MT], also known as endovascular clot retrieval [ECR].

In 2014-2015, five randomised controlled trials on MT were published reporting significant clinical benefits and improvement in functional outcomes in carefully selected patients with large vessel occlusions.[2]

As a consequence of these positive findings the 2015 American Heart Association Stroke guidelines were updated in 2015, with new recommendations made on the use of MT. This treatment is rapidly becoming the ‘standard of care’ for AIS patients and is often referred to as endovascular clot retrieval (ECR). The use of mechanical thrombectomy is discussed in the new Australian Stroke Guidelines[3] which were launched on Monday 4 September.


[2]Goyal et al (2016). Endovascular thrombectomy after large vessel ischaemic stroke: a meta-analysis of individual patient data from five randomised trials. The Lancet April 2016;387 (10029):1723-1731.

[3] Stroke Foundation. Acute medical and surgical management – DRAFT Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management (2017). v1.0 published on 24.10.2016.

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