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11 April 2017

200 years ago [in 1817] Dr James Parkinson wrote the classic An Essay on the Shaking Palsy – and Parkinson’s disease [PD] was recognised as a health condition.

Tuesday 11 April is World Parkinson’s Day.OD05200 Twibbon V1 NM

Both milestones are important and in honour, we are proud to show our support for #UniteForParkinsons – a global campaign aimed at raising awareness for PD, and uniting an active global Parkinson’s community.

PD is a complex, progressive and degenerative neurological disorder that causes loss of control over body movements. It impacts more than 70,000 Australians, with 32 Aussies diagnosed with the disease every day[i].


A fellow supporter of #UniteForParkinsons is Peter Raymond, who has lived with PD for more 15 years. Tonight, he will share his experience with PD and deep brain stimulation with the US Consul General at an event celebrating the role of medical advancement in improving health outcomes. You can read Peter’s story here. 

For more information on the #UniteForParkinsons campaign visit


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