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20 March 2017

Contribution by Ross Forbes, Director Corporate Accounts, Medtronic Australasia Pty Ltd

Value is one of those terms which seem hard to define. Is value objective or subjective, or a combination of the two? In who’s eyes is value being measured and by which standard metrics?

However, once value is viewed from a patient’s perspective, then clarity of value becomes more defined. Patients can see value as “being able to walk down stairs”, “being pain free “, “able to go back to work”, regaining feeling” “able to pick up the children,” “not be breathless playing golf”, there can be hundreds of examples of the outcomes patients value.

There is a momentum in healthcare, a transformation in relation to patient value, and the key is being able to understand what it is a patient values and moving toward delivering interventions which reflect that value. Value based care has as its centre, the outcomes patients care about, and understands the cost of those interventions required to deliver those outcomes.

All players in health care delivery have a responsibility to understand how they affect the outcomes patients care about, and be involved in understanding the costs to delivering those outcomes.

This will lead to a truly transformed health care system, with tangible value throughout the delivery of healthcare, with patients receiving outcomes which they value.

Medtronic is committed to ‘aligning value’, by collaborating across the health system to ensure patient care is efficient, connected, and coordinated.

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