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Medtronic help Humankind

19 November 2015

Human KindRecognising the impact of chronic health conditions* on the individual, as well as their network of healthcare professionals, colleagues, family and friends, we searched for a partner who shared an interest in alleviating this burden on Australians and were determined to make change. Through our search we met Relationships Australia.

Relationships Australia are a community based not for profit organisation providing relationship support services.

Through their research, Relationships Australia knew that relationships can be seriously impacted by chronic illness – however they can also have tremendous value in helping manage chronic illness. Through their expertise in understanding relationships and communication – Relationships Australia also knew they could help. At Medtronic, we knew we could too and in 2013 we provided a Health Access Grant to help fund a program directed to this effort.

It was important to all parties that any resource developed was meaningful. Therefore, extensive research was undertaken by Relationships Australia to validate the problem – and opportunity. Recently, a huge milestone has been reached with the launch of a new website; to support people living with chronic illness and their loved ones to achieve positive and respectful relationships. Humankind provides relationship information, support and resources appropriate for people living with a chronic illness and for the families, friends and practitioners that support them.

Alison Brook, National Executive Officer Relationships Australia remarks “All couples experience hard times, though living with a chronic illness or with a partner who is chronically ill can have a dramatic impact on your relationship. When dealing with chronic illness relationship issues are often overlooked, however the research tells us that good relationship health is fundamental to overall wellbeing. Working to improve your most important relationships can lead to better health outcomes. This is what the Humankind website aims to help people do.”

The name Humankind comes from the notion that it is human to experience chronic illness and it is natural for humans to want to help each other when times are tough. Being kind is the corner stone to healthy and long lasting relationships. The message from Humankind is to be kind to yourself and others.

We encourage you to take a look at the resource and to share it with your network. Visit today.

*Chronic health conditions include conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Chronic pain

Humankind was developed by Relationships Australia with the assistance of a Health Access Grant from Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology.

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