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The Intelligent Next: Health Infrastructure in the 21st Century

27 November 2014

During November, Medtronic welcomed Hospital Executives from around Australia to the Training and Education Centre in Sydney to discuss the future of healthcare in Australia. During the Summit Futurist Mike McAllum warned delegates of the ‘intelligent next’ and inevitabilities of delivering services to networked, informed and demanding communities of the future. There is an opportunity to improve healthcare delivery by working with the ‘natural and anticipated’ infrastructure shift as opposed to remaining focused on 20th Century models of care.

Mike McAllum_Futurist_Medtronic

The perspective from Futurist, Mike McAllum;

The infrastructure of a 21st Century health system is very different from that of the 20th Century. In essence we will see a shift from ‘hard’ infrastructures based on the acute healthcare model to ‘mixed’ infrastructures that, while having some acute elements, will be highly networked and point-to-point in nature.

This infrastructure shift will not be optional although its timing will be. At a systems level the technologies are already blurring boundaries and conventions. There are also currently few viable models to deal with the great rise in chronic illness, in the coming aging population; however, an understanding of ‘the intelligent next’ has the capacity to dramatically improve performance delivery at significantly lower costs.

This systemic shift requires the (re) design of infrastructure, from understanding of this emerging demand backwards as opposed to simply projecting the current model forward. This redesign will also be aided by ‘joining the dots’ policy, as the data exposes the waste and unintended consequences of thinking and acting silos.

For more information on Mike McAllum visit Global Foresight. If you are a Hospital Executive in Australia and would like to learn more about the Summit, contact

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