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Pain is Ageless: National Pain Week in Australia

24 July 2014

This week (21-27 July 2014) marks National Pain Week in Australia, with the theme ‘Pain is Ageless’. Chronic pain affects people of all ages. It can be a result of trauma, a chronic disease such as cancer, or surgery. Chronic pain is commonly described as deep, aching, dull or burning pain, with numbness, tingling, burning or pins-and-needles sensations. Regular daily activities may become difficult or impossible.  Treatments to help alleviate pain exist, however a multi-faceted approach to chronic pain management is recommended by many healthcare professionals. Chronic pain is a surprisingly common condition in Australia. Doctors often try medication first. Other options include physical or psychological therapy, surgery, nerve blocks, or medical devices like neurostimulators and drug pumps.

During National Pain Week, Chronic Pain Australia will be announcing the results of two ‘Living with Pain’ surveys – one for people who live with chronic pain and one for those who care for someone with pain. This is anticipated to provide a snapshot of what it is like living with Chronic Pain in Australia. For more information visit and follow @ChronicPainAust on twitter.

National Pain Week_Poster

If you have chronic pain, talk to your doctor about appropriate treatment options.

If you are living with spinal cord stimulation or targeted drug delivery and would like information on your therapy visit

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