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Diabetes therapy voted in Time’s 25 best inventions of the Year 2013

29 November 2013

An integrated Low Glucose Suspend (LGS) pump used with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) – has been labelled as ‘the artificial pancreas’. According to Time magazine “It’s the first device approved by the FDA [Food and Drug Administration, US] that detects dropping sugar levels and shuts off regular insulin delivery for Type 1 diabetics, just like a real pancreas. Too much insulin, which is common at night, can lead to life-threatening diabetic comas.” In Australia, the device is known as the MiniMed Paradigm Veo and is partnered with continuous glucose monitoring to enable the insulin suspension feature.

Successful management of T1D is linked to glucose control – specifically an ability to avoid hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose levels) or hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose levels). For those people in which awareness of hypoglycaemia is impaired (or ‘hypo unaware’) the risk of suffering severe and recurrent hypoglycaemia episodes is high and can result in serious acute events such as seizure, coma and death.1

The glucose sensor, CGM transmitter and LGS pump are the closest available therapy to, a future automated “closed loop” artificial pancreas.

ImageContinuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) requires a person to wear a glucose sensor connected to a CGM transmitter. It is the only test method that measures and shows glucose levels continuously 24/7.

When CGM is used with a “Low Glucose Suspend” (LGS) pump, insulin delivery can be stopped when glucose levels read by the glucose sensor reach a pre-set low threshold, thus providing an integrated diabetes management system that clinical studies show totally prevents diabetes related seizures and comas.3,4

For more information about Time magazine’s 25 best inventions of the year 2013, visit Time magazine at: 

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