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Highest industry honour for Medtronic ANZ Vice President and Managing Director

13 November 2013
Jamie Stanistreet, VP Medtronic Australasia Pty Ltd

Jamie Stanistreet outside Medtronic’s Training and Education Centre in Sydney, Australia

During the recent Medical Technology Association of Australia’s (MTAA) MedTech Conference in Sydney (7 November 2013), Medtronic ANZ Vice President and Managing Director Jamie Stanistreet was awarded the inaugural Outstanding Achievement Award, the industry’s highest honour for an individual. This award acknowledges his significant and outstanding contribution to developing the industry in Australia.

With almost four decades of experience in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare sectors, Jamie Stanistreet has dedicated his career to the Australasian medical devices industry. Jamie joined Medtronic in 1999 following their acquisition of AVE Inc. and was appointed to the Managing Director role in 2001. Prior to joining Medtronic he worked in senior sales and marketing roles with Bard Australia, 3M and Biospectrum. He has been Vice Chair of the MTAA Board since 2008, making him the association’s longest serving director, and has been an American Chamber of Commerce Governor since 2010. Over those four decades, not only has he viewed and adapted to the significant expansion of the medical technology industry, but has played a critical role in its growth and development on the local and international stage.
During his tenure at Medtronic, Jamie has elevated Australia’s reputation as a leading clinical and research hub amongst international experts and peers. Through advocacy and leadership, he has been instrumental in increasing the number of Australian institutions and clinicians involved, and leading, global medical technology projects and clinical studies.

Notably, Medtronic’s first, first-in-man trial in Australia in 2003 involved the company’s drug-eluting stent which has gone on to become associated with clinician best practice across the world. Since this first trial, Australian clinicians have been involved in multiple clinical efforts, including their pioneering work in renal denervation for resistant hypertension using a Medtronic catheter – the same device which won the 2012 Kerrin Rennie Award for Innovation in Medical Technology.

This honour also recognises Jamie’s commitment to improving equality in the workplace. Throughout his leadership at Medtronic, there have been increases in part-time roles and flexible work practices to enable more people to maintain careers within the industry – helping to ensure that this expertise and knowledge continues to benefit local clinicians and patients and is not lost overseas or removed from the industry. He also openly advocates for the increase of female representation at all levels within the medical technology sector.

Beyond his reported achievements in building a sustainable medical industry, Jamie promotes a solid commitment to giving back to the community through volunteering efforts and community investment. His support for the philanthropic side of the medical devices sector, illustrate how the industry gives back to the community past the availability of therapies. Regardless of the area of need; health, welfare, education or community; Jamie is often at the front-line to roll-up his sleeves and participate in volunteer initiatives with contagious passion – all with the recipients in mind. During his leadership at Medtronic, Jamie has contributed more than $1 million dollars toward philanthropic efforts within Australia.

For the first time in 2013 MTAA is acknowledging an individual’s outstanding achievement to the Australian medical technology industry. Nominations for the Outstanding Achievement Award were open to individuals who have contributed in a significant and outstanding way to the development of the medical technology industry. Nominations were accepted regardless of membership of the Association.

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