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Australian’s amongst 25 device recipients recognised as Global Heroes

7 September 2012

Two Australian’s have been named as Global Heroes and will be heading to the US to participate in the Twin Cities Marathon. Lance Purdon of Canberra, and Kobi Graham of Sydney, will be heading over in October.

Twenty-five long-distance runners who benefit from medical technology will be honoured as “Medtronic Global Heroes” when they run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon or Medtronic TC 10 Mile on 7 October 2012. Australia has two heroes.

This year’s team includes runners from nine different countries including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Norway, South Africa, Spain and the United States. Each runner has a medical device to treat conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, spinal disorders, chronic pain or neurological disorders. The Medtronic Global Heroes program, launched in 2006, celebrates their accomplishments and passion for running, which serves as an inspiration to others living with chronic diseases.

Global Heroes participants are selected by Twin Cities In Motion, the non-profit organisation that directs the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. In addition to providing race entry and travel expenses, the Medtronic Foundation will donate $1,000 in honour of each runner to a non-profit patient organisation that educates and supports people who live with the Global Hero’s condition.  

Keep an eye out in coming weeks to learn more about Lance and Kobi.

If you would like to find out more about the program or know of a keen runner living with a medical device visit  

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