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Medtronic cooks for a cause with OzHarvest

5 April 2012

OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue charity, delivers more than 340,000 meals each month to the homeless and disadvantaged.  Recently a group of 11 Medtronic employees played their part in this great cause, whipping up a culinary storm for those in need – the result an impressive spread of quiches, sandwiches, pasta, and roast veggies.

The morning was such a success the team decided to stay on to serve up the food. While this wasn’t part of the schedule,  no one wanted the morning to end.

Following is a recap from Eva, one of our team members who donned an apron for the morning:

“The day out with OzHarvest was special.  We had done work with OzHarvest before, including grocery collection and other light duties, but this time we were to cook and serve lunch at one of their agencies – where we’d come face-to-face with the recipients of the service.

We started our day with a briefing by Sue, who runs the kitchen.  We had a volunteer chef, Matt, who instructed us on what we would be preparing. At this point I realised it was 10am and we only had three hours to complete all the dishes for service time at 1pm. We were expecting some 60 to 100 people.

We then split up into three teams and immediately started our assigned duties of buttering bread, slicing onions, stirring sauces, making quiches and whatever else that we needed to do – it was a race against the clock. We cooked and we cooked.   It felt good working hard.  Then suddenly, everything was ready.  The clock read 1pm.  It was time to serve!

At the beginning, I was curious about the stories of the people we would be serving.  But as more and more faces moved past me, I figured it doesn’t really matter.  Whatever happened, happened, and at any given point in time it could be any of us on the other side of the table.  At that moment they were just hungry people who wanted their lunch, like any of us. It was a time for them to take respite from their day.  A time to sit down and get some nourishment.  A time to be cared for… and it was blissful to be serving them.  The only regret was that we had to leave so quickly.

I can’t wait to go back and do it again.”

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