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Calling all runners – Medtronic Global Heroes

21 March 2012

We’re calling all Australians who like to run and who benefit from medical technology, to enter the annual Medtronic Global Heroes program.

The only event of its kind, Global Heroes celebrates the accomplishments of runners who have a condition treated by a medical device. Health conditions can include heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain and spinal and neurological disorders.

Twenty five runners will be selected from around the globe and we’d love to have an Australian Global Hero participate again!

Last year Roger Hanney of Petersham, Sydney, was selected. Roger uses an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor to manage type 1.

Roger was diagnosed with type 1 while training for his first half-marathon. While he didn’t run that race he has gone on to run numerous long distance events.

For a list of eligible medical devices or health conditions visit here. Note: the device does not have to be manufactured by Medtronic to qualify.

How do I nominate or enter?  To apply or recommend someone to be a 2012 Medtronic Global Hero, visit:   Further details below or visit:

  • What is a Global Hero? A Global Hero is a runner. An inspiration. A person whose life has been improved by medical technology. The Global Hero may choose to enter the Medtronic TC 10 Mile Race or the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.
  • Do I need to be a professional runner? Anyone may apply, however runners with eligible devices or conditions must consult with a physician who deems you medically fit to participate in the race (certification of physician approval to participate must be presented if runner is selected for the Global Heroes program).
  • When is it? The 31st Annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon weekend will take place October 5 – 7, 2012. OR the Global Hero can choose to run the 10 mile event.

The deadline for Global Hero applications is April 27, 2012.

  • Where? The event takes place in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Global Heroes will receive an airfare for themselves and a guest, as well as paid entry for their chosen event. For further details on what the award includes visit:

Help us find an Australian Global Hero!

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