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First employee takes a trip down memory lane

21 February 2012

Back in 1973, when Peter first started working for Medtronic, he had a strong premonition the company was headed for big things. His visit to our ANZ headquarters last week confirmed he was right.

Our state- of-the-art educational centre, used to provide surgeons and other healthcare professionals with training on rapidly changing medical technology, was a particular highlight.

“We didn’t have anything like the impressive training labs you have now, but after 15 years of working for Medtronic, I had a pretty good idea it would become what it is today,” said Peter.

The first Australian ‘headquarters’ of Medtronic consisted of just four small rooms, plus a large store area for inventory. While the office was based in Beverly Hills, St George, he distinctly remembers traffic in our current locale of North Ryde, being as troublesome as it is today.

He also recalled annual visits to global headquarters, based in the US, for the staff conference.

“They would be held in Minneapolis each year. Going from Sydney summers to the dead of winter was tough. We nicknamed it, ‘Operation Deep Freeze’ and eventually put a stop to that!”

When asked if Earl Bakken, our founder, would ever visit. Peter responded: “Back then he’d visit us regularly. We used to take bets on what colour tie he would be wearing.”

Semi-retired now, Peter spends his time volunteering for the State Emergency Service and keeping up with his grandchildren.

We hope Peter doesn’t leave it so long before his next visit!

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