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Media Release: Medtronic Pledges Action on NCDs

15 September 2011


 MINNEAPOLIS – Sept. 14, 2011 – In a continued mission to reduce the global burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE: MDT) and the Medtronic Foundation today announced a new commitment designed to improve healthcare systems and increase access to life‐saving therapies.

In addition to the company’s focus on improving access to critical medical technologies in lower‐ and middle‐income countries, the commitment includes an additional $3.4 million in Medtronic Foundation grants to support international health programs specifically designed to address prevention, treatment and control of NCDs.

Medtronic is focusing activities in three primary areas: global policy and advocacy, strengthening health systems and developing innovative therapies, and healthcare delivery models in countries around the world.

“The human and societal opportunity we have to provide access to better healthcare to patients who need it most is enormous,” said Medtronic Chief Executive Officer Omar Ishrak. “Our mission calls upon us to work with the global community to help find solutions for people who today do not have sufficient access to adequate healthcare.ʺ

Since September 2010, the Medtronic Foundation has committed $3.8 million in grants to support international programs related to Medtronic’s overall strategic effort, including a $1 million founding grant to the NCD Alliance, a coalition of nonprofit organizations charged with preparing data driven plans and recommendations for the United Nations High Level Meeting on the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, being held Sept. 19‐20 in New York City.

Today’s announcement of $3.4 million in Medtronic Foundation grants includes:

A $500,000, two‐year grant to the Harvard School of Public Health to launch “Teaching to Transform Global Health,” an ambitious initiative to develop an educational curriculum accessible to schools of public health, medicine and nursing in any country, designed to address critical public health issues, including NCDs;

A series of grants totaling $600,000 to the World Heart Federation and seven other organizations to fund coordinated activities to promote the global prevention and control of Rheumatic Heart Disease. Grants will fund various partners in India, Africa and Latin America; and

An additional $400,000 over the next two years to support research and training on the prevention and management of NCDs in China, India, Africa and Latin

America by NCD regional centers of excellence, such as those established by UnitedHealth and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.


According to the World Health Organization, noncommunicable diseases (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, respiratory disease) are the leading cause of death in nearly every country in the world. In 2008, more than 36 million peopled died from NCDs, accounting for more than 60 percent of all deaths worldwide. Nearly 80 percent of NCD deaths occur in low‐ and middle‐income countries.

From an economic standpoint, NCDs account for roughly 75 percent of healthcare costs in both advanced and developing economies, according to the World Economic Forum, and cause hundreds of billions of dollars in productivity losses in developing countries alone.

About the Medtronic Foundation

The Medtronic Foundation is committed to improving the lives of people around the world living with chronic disease. Its grant making is focused in three areas: health, education and community.

About Medtronic

Medtronic, Inc. (, headquartered in Minneapolis, is the global leader in medical technology – alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life for millions of people worldwide.

Any forward‐looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties such as those described in Medtronic’s periodic reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Actual results may differ materially from anticipated results.


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