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Media Release: QLD Students win National Youth Ambassador Award

25 October 2010

Earlier this year we were really excited to become the major sponsor of the Youth Ambassador for Health Research program run by Research Australia.  We’re even more excited today, because the winners have just been announced!  Two students from Queensland, Andrew Haselgrove (in the video above) and Michael Wallace (whose essay can be found here) have taken out the top prize and will jointly be recognised as National Youth Ambassadors for Health Research.

The Research Australia’s National Youth Ambassador program aims to communicate the importance of science and health research to young people and to encourage middle school students (Year 9 and 10) to consider taking up a career in science.

In 2010 over 73 schools from across Australia gave their views on the statement  “Medical technology will always play a critical role in our lives”.

Here is the Research Australia media release:

Two Queensland students have been named Research Australia’s 2010 National Youth Ambassadors for
Health Research.

Both Michael Wallace, from St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe and Andrew Haselgrove, from St Peters
Lutheran College in Indooroopilly, have been chosen to represent Australia’s youth voice for health and
medical research.

Michael’s winning essay in the national schools competition highlighted the need for people to appreciate
developments in medical technology whilst taking responsibility for their own health. “To overcome the risk of
reliance on medical technology, the human species must not limit innovation, but instead mediate the role of
medical technology as a primary contributor to their overall health.”

Andrew’s winning video predicts “We will develop nanorobots that can reside inside the human body and
diagnose imbalances or diseases in their very early stages. They will perform nanosurgery and continuously
monitor and dispense appropriate concentration of the drugs required for treatment.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Research Australia, Rebecca James, congratulated Michael and Andrew on
their outstanding contributions.

“The Youth Ambassador Program provides an ideal avenue to draw out the astute observations of some of
our finest young students and hopefully lead them to careers in medical science,” Ms James said.

Both Michael’s and Andrew’s winning submissions on the topic “Medical technology will always play a crucial
role in our lives.” have led them to being named the National Youth Ambassadors for Health Research.

State winners from all over Australia took part in a special teleconference to develop a consensus statement
as the voice of Australian Youth.

Congratulations to both Andrew and Michael.  The future of health research in Australia is clearly in good hands.

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