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Vision 10,000 – Change a Life Today

18 August 2010

Medtronic Australia has sponsored 20 children from across Africa through World Vision Australia for several years now.  We’re big supporters of the program, and we love receiving our children’s photos and update as a tangible reminder for all of our staff of where our sponsorship money goes.

World Vision Australia is currently running their Vision 10,000 campaign, which aims to find sponsors for 10,000 children from the world’s poorest regions.

Here is the rundown on child sponsorship from the World Vision Australia website:

Child Sponsorship provides ongoing support to a child and their community by supporting sustainable, long-term development projects. This support can help your sponsor child break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient.

Your contribution of $43 a month is pooled with donations from other sponsors to fund projects that benefit children, families and communities for generations. Any contributions in excess of the standard monthly rate will be used by us in the child’s community on long term community development projects or to help other sponsored communities in need.

Long-term development projects in your sponsored child’s community and other communities may include:

  • Healthcare
    Building hospitals and health clinics and providing medicine, vaccinations and education on health and nutrition all improve the health of children and families.
  • Education
    The opportunity to go to school to learn how to read and write gives children more options in life.
  • Water
    Drilling boreholes and digging wells provides access to safe water and sanitation.
  • Food and agriculture
    Supplying seeds, tools and training in farming techniques help families grow more food, so children have a nutritious diet.
  • Incomes
    Creating a secure source of income is vital for lifting families out of poverty. Vocational training helps families learn new skills, so they can better provide for their children.

By educating and encouraging individuals to understand and take action to address the long-term causes of poverty, and advocating for increased government funding for aid work, we can make progress.

Up to 5% of your monthly donation supports our campaigns and advocacy activities so we can effectively pursue our fight against poverty.

Vision 10,000 is a great project so why not get involved?

Do you sponsor a child?  What made you decide to get involved? What do you find is the most valuable part of the experience for you?


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