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World Vision Report – Haiti 3 Months On

6 May 2010

Earlier this year, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Medtronic Australasia contributed to the World Vision response.  World Vision have just provided supporters with their report of the first three months of their relief and recovery efforts.  You can see their video update here.

I’m also going to quote the summary from their Report below.  It goes some way toward explaining the amount of work involved in the recovery effort.

“The impact in numbers of the Haiti earthquake on January 12 already puts it among the worst single-country disasters of all time. Any country would struggle to recover from a blow of this magnitude. Haiti’s situation is exacerbated by generations of political uncertainty, entrenched poverty and limited opportunities.

Killed: More than 220,000
Injured: More than 300,000
Displaced: At least 1.7 million
Migrated to rural areas: More than 500,000
Registered at displacement camps, urban area: More than 600,000
Homeless and unregistered, urban areas: More than 600,000

World Vision has already reached around 1.8 million people with much-needed relief and shelter supplies. But the scale of this disaster means that the recovery phase is only just beginning.

In the first three months after the disaster World Vision has achieved the following for the people of Haiti:

  • Food distribution: Around 1.5 million people
  • Shelter and household items: 33,515 tarpaulins and 5851 tents, 12,456 blankets and 16,697 mosquito nets, as well as other basic household supplies, have helped over 120,000 people
  • Water and sanitation: Drinking water, toilets and drainage in camps have helped around 50,000 people
  • Health: Five camp clinics, and three mobile clinics, provide free consultation and medication to the camps where World Vision is working
  • Livelihoods: Cash-for-work activities in camps involve local labour and encourage ownership of water and sanitation projects
  • Children in emergencies: Child-friendly spaces are attended by over 3,000 children every week; caseworkers are searching for the families of nearly 300 separated children

You can learn more about the day-to-day experiences of World Vision aid workers in Haiti at the On the Ground in Haiti blog.


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