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15 April 2010

Medtronic Australasia has a long history of proudly supporting the communities in which we live and work.

We have partnered with two key charities – Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia and Mercy Care for our Medtronic Giving program. To date, each charity has received a donation of $40,000 to complete projects which will benefit the lives of their communities.

We now have an additional $20,000 to share between these two charities, but would like your help in deciding how the money is distributed.

We have developed a website called . On this website you can cast your vote for your preferred charity.  You may vote only once, and each vote is worth $1 to your charity of choice – but costs you nothing.

One you have cast your vote, we would encourage you to send on the website details to your family and friends so that they can get involved too.  They can also pass the details on to their family and friends.

Thank you for taking part and helping put our Mission in Motion.


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